Campervan Rental Basics

Considering renting a campervan, but concerned that a class C vehicle or motor home might be a little too much? A smaller (smaller than a motorhome anyway) campervan rental could be the perfect option; especially if you’re looking for a vehicle you can sleep in and more easily maneuver as you look for that perfect parking spot. With so many campervan rental options available online, where to begin?

The Basics of Renting a Campervan

As a campervan rental company owner, we thought I’d share some tips to help ensure you’re able to find a vehicle that best fits your needs. While my business has focused on renting VW camper vans—VW buses and Westfalias—I’m familiar enough with the details that really matter if you’re renting a campervan: vehicle condition, insurance, functionality, price, comfort level and so on. I’ve also organized my list of campervan rentals by state so you can more easily find the right option. Before jumping to the list of campervan rental options by state (and large city), let us break down the main criteria or considerations you should keep at the forefront of your decision making process.

Before we get into rental details, it’s important to note that camper vans are not RVs. And, as you consider supplementing your camping trip with Airbnb options, you might also want to just take some time to explore various parts of the country (such as New England) via online research. Recreational vehicles (RVs) have larger motors and are typically equipped with living space and various amenities that you would find in a home, e.g. kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area. Some RVs require a special license to drive and are not easily maneuvered if your end goal is camping or traveling to a location with narrow roads.

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