Our Story

by Chris

We’ve always loved travel. It’s our passion. We’ve lived on the West Coast, in the Pacific Northwest, North Africa and now in New England. Since our kids were babies, we’ve camped all over the United States. With each trip, we’ve found that being prepared ahead of time with insider information and the right equipment can make all the difference; especially when kids are in tow. Add a VW Westfalia to the mix, and the journey becomes downright magical; especially in New England where you’ll find a vintage Westy initiates conversations everywhere you go. And ultimately, travel is about the people you meet along the way…the joy of the journey.

This site is our attempt to share some of our favorite places in New England through the lens of our go-to activities and hobbies: camping, bicycling, flying drones, surfing, fishing, flying kites, jogging/walking (especially with a dog), visiting craft breweries, dining out and admiring historical churches.  We’ve done our best to capture the essentials, but there’s obviously a lot more to see across northern New England–feel free to drop us a line if you have suggestions.

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